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Your foundation. Our Priority.

3D Building Group is a leading supplier & installer of Engineered Screw Piles in Fort McMurray &  

the Wood Buffalo region.


Our services included engineering support from the initial assessment to custom design.

All of our screw pile services include engineered stamped drawings & final installation reports.

Screw Piles can be used for the following projects (including permanent or temporary structures):


How Screw Piles Work

Imagine using a power drill to advance a screw into a block of wood.

Now imagine using a hammer to drive a nail into that same block of wood.

The ‘thread’, or helix, on the screw pile allows it to be turned into the ground with impressive speed and accuracy, without the noise and vibrations associated with a pile driver. The addition of the helix also dramatically increases bearing capacity and pull-out resistance, making screw piles a good option for deep foundations such as decks, sunrooms and fences.

How Screw Piles are Different

Screw piles are the fastest, most flexible and environmentally friendly foundation options available. Installing a screw pile doesn’t require any pre-excavation and there is no need to dispose of tailings. Also, they eliminate the wait times associated with concrete curing, the noise of pile drivers and the need for cumbersome concrete trucks on site.

Safety of Screw Piles

Screw Piles are recognized as a safe and effective foundation, by the Deep Foundations Institute and in the Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual.



Screw Piles are a superior alternative for your foundation needs and the best choice for decks, sunrooms, additions and fencing.


You can build on top of them, the same day.

There is no downtime waiting for concrete to cure.


Accurate placement. Screw Piles are always in the spot you want.


They are cost effective. There is no minimum concrete charge.


They are a more environmentally friendly option than concrete.


They are efficient. We don’t have to wait for a concrete truck.


Load ratings are equivalent to, or greater than, concrete.

Low ground disturbance.

With one machine on tracks, the disturbance is less than 6 psi.

Using screw piles will extend your construction season, as they eliminate the issue of concrete freezing.

There is no messy mixing of concrete in your yard.

There are no tailings to remove after drilling a hole.

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